Tormented  Pain fills the atmosphere as I await a tide of motion, my eyes are filled with tears that I struggle to hold back. My past mistakes cover the light of change and fills hatred in the hearts of those who claim to know me, And like a jack of all trades, I shuffle dreams that depict the pains inside me. Memories flood the mind, and the darkness closes in, Searching for refuge in my next of kin, I lose sight of the beautiful things enclosed within me, I can feel the sorrowful rivers within me begin to break their walls, The smiles we had fade away with the mourning winds and turn to dust, Memoirs of the past days resurrect like mummified skeletons out of history’s broken accusatory huts,  And begin to knock out the existence of purpose, like the wind blows through the desert my tears wipes my entire existence and you’re left with nothing but words and memories to describe my existence. The skeleton figures in my casket testify to your claims and resemble the shape of my tormented soul, As tears roll down your face, memories flood your mind and teary smiles cover the broken figments of the life of a tormented soul. But deep inside your pierced heart I still exist and paint away the lies that society has cast, My lost soul rains down the earth like falling angels right out of the skies, Darkness walks free and plants seeds of distraction to soon bear fruits of lies,  We may not hid words of the world, but our words plant emotions in others and are either toxic or wise, But frustrations take the best of us that we barely realize that beyond our false smiles and articulated attitudes we are purely TORMENTED     -Emmanuel Rayan Daka 

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Our world


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