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They take so much and never give back I feel as though we are under attack My home my family now all gone I cannot even sing my pretty songs Running away from those who take
You see that kid over there? His dad abandoned him when he was only five , and his mom killed herself when he was just ten Hes a foster child. His foster parents beat him. He smells like alcohol and weed
Take a deep breath in walk away from drama when theres a fork in the keep going straight don't stop to go left or right always continue from the way you started if you choose to go left or right
Inspiration is a way of telling our sorry tales of when we lost hope and gained it back. A way to show everyone and everything that there was a day the pain resided and was left to hang in the air.
When the voice of a distant cry Wriggles under the paper prison you began I start to grow into another skin   Yet, as soon as you turn your head towards me The world slowly grows dead
Life’s a strugglethe strong are who achievethe weak are who fail.You fight for what you wantyou live for what you wantbut nobody said it was going to be easy Its either you make the right decisions
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