Social Anxiety/Phobia

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Fear Conquer or be conquered they say. But I say- True courage lies in facing day by day Fear straight between the eyes, Calling out his lies.  
I stand alone in a sea of swirling faces, unsure of what to say, what to do. I feel their penetrating gazes on my back, judging me for my timidity. I bob adrift in the current, waiting for an anchor.
As I read my article, the paper crinkling in my I crumple it anxiously.  You’re intently looking at me, but the word look is simple compared to the convoluted eyes you use when you look at me.  Eyes are the windows to the soul, but when I
I live in a glass house My only companion, silence, As it follows me from room to room.   It has always been with me And though I enjoy its company
As I sit and absorb the professor's lecture I feel a slight ring, a slight pressure From nothing more than groan from my stomach My focus on the material just begins to plummet
I can't remember how it happened.
The words that are never really heard.
My shrink tells meI cannot read mindsAnd that trying to do soIs a cognitive distortionBut then she says I analyze people wellThat I understand how they behaveThe way they fold their arms
Only sometimes do the people I meetalso meet me.Not to be pretentiousin some poetic waybut I’m cloaked in fearand the only thing running in my veins is dull and dying.There’s person with a strong spine
People here, people there. People people everywhere. People talking nonstop now, Leaving me out in the crowd. People that are afraid to speak They're like me and feel so weak.
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