Social Anxiety Scenario : Hungry in Class

As I sit and absorb the professor's lecture I feel a slight ring, a slight pressure

From nothing more than groan from my stomach

My focus on the material just begins to plummet

My hands begin to fidget, and my mind begins to race

As my stomach continues to groan, only red goes my face

I think to reach into my backpack and retrieve some food

But if I were to munch in class, would the professor find it rude?

My stomach booms with a strong vibration

Who would know missing breakfast could disturb my education?

And with an insecure mind to everyone around

I decide that I'd go for it, and so I reached down

To pull out an apple, on my desk it would rest

To feed for my stomach would be best

I contemplate a nibble of one or maybe two

So that my stomach could shut up till the clock struck 2:00

My professor continues his lecture paying no mind

As I reach for my apple, still afraid he'd find my action unkind

My mouth makes a nibble at the apple I had

My eyes shifting around, thinking people might get mad

I sat awaiting for someone's eyes to meet mine

Because in my head what I did was not in line

And as the class finishes and my appetite finds an end

I lean over and whisper to a really good friend

I ask her if the noises from my stomach were obvious

But to my dismay, she said she had remained 'oblivious'

It seemed as my anxiety had amplified the event

Which turned out horrible because incomplete notes were not my intent

I struggle with scenarios like these every other day

Where my nervous anxiety takes my attention away

For day to day things that most people do not give care

Are the everyday things that make me tremble with fright and with scare


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