the sea

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Wings out stretched, feathers fluttering in the wind. "Don't go towards the sun," they said. "you'll fall to your death" So Icarus stayed low
Of What Waters Do We Rise? From the depths of the Sea? The muck beneath the Reefs? Do we Cluster and Meet? Or do we simply Be? Do we brush by the Creatures and say Hi?
Can you see me across the sea? Can you save the world just by swimming? Can you live to see me drown in the world of sorrow? Do you want me to die?
Wooden beams and wooden planks And salty sea scented air Drew our souls near the edge And then just held them there   The wind whipped our hair The cold bit our noses
And still the sea beckoned washings it’s salty brine over my feet trapping them for good I would be the lighthouse the beacon in the night the light guiding shipwrecks to their watery graves below
(poems go here) When I was young I gave my soul to the sea. Sometimes I will swear to you that the waves ebb and tide where my blood should be.
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