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PRESENTING: "Technological Habits." Paid in part by the subliminal masses.   (OFF MIC) "We could start by listing all the reasons why we can't have this. For instance, Class.
Sweaty palms, winded breaths, I jolt awake, And unexpectedly you were there, without a moment to forsake. My eyelids were heavy as you sung smooth and lowly,
Why is finding happy upbeat songs so hard to do? They are always on the radio (the same ones over and over) But as soon as you try to find one alone they are like
Windows down Engine's going Music drowns the sounds of the roadside roaring Leaving town Songs are flowing Music drowns the sounds of those left snoring Melodic cloud Alive and soaring
She always allowed music to follow her around. She tapped out rhythms and be-bopped and scat. She crooned
Stranded on an island all alone, No company or friends to call my own Just sitting in the quiet Trying just to fight it But madness comes and goes In silence. I need some noise, a song, a sound.
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Hands bloody from plastic Banging hard on sound Hoping for listening ears Noise wasted on the deaf Long lost peers Dying in lonely oceans Listening for what they’ve lost
What's wrong with the radio? It's playing lies. Everything is, "Sex and money!" Where is the truth?   Why can't it feature better bands, like Story of the Year?
You spew forth the archetype, for what We should be "We" being the youth from low-income families You alone hold the virtues of our character Little known fact that you're no more than just an actor
Booming broadcast, Sensational single. I ooze news. Vibrations up through your shoes. From speakers I speak Joyous tunes of your choice. Simply spin a dial To get Keeler's droning voice. Forget podcasts or blogs, I have all you need to hear.
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