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I am made of memories A collection of recollections bundled up inside a ball of anxiety and fear Someone who wants nothing more than to forget what's wrong with them So much so that the light that escapes cannot be caught
The walk to my curch  is somewhat lengthy, but I need the salvation tonight. Six o'clock is fast approaching,   urging me to pick up my pace. The fellowship dinner winds up taking 45 minutes
I do not know what I’m suppose to say or the words I’m suppose to pray.   It is like one day he was walking Your way   but then instead of seeing black and white he started seeing gray
I lay down,
I’ve never been able to bow my head long enough to pray Too consumed by the urge to peek I’ve always been more concerned with what was going on around me –
Can You hear me, God? It's me again. I've come to talk to you about my dear friend.   She told me the story of  how she became who she is today. How her happiness was sucked out
I live in California, miles away from where I was born in Oklahoma the tornado tragedies have my heart so torn I mourn for the people who lost their lives, who lost their loved ones
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