national anthem

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Is there a contradiction – In the predilection             to compare?              the hour, the life, the moment? When in sweet countenance, the sand becomes a fragrance and drips, measuring
Why is one man raised above another? Thinking he's better just because of a color Why does one man think he can choose who belongs? Thinks he can choose who stays or who gets pushed along
I am a Banner Singer.  I know every note and every rhythm. At every game, under the bright stadium lights, I sing.  No one is prouder than me,  to sing of my country, for my country. 
Why do we sing this song? What does it mean? Were the slaves even free in 1916? When Woodrow Wilson would sing “No refuge could save the hireling and slave” Why did they fight when they were treated this way?
“When freemen shall stand” is a day Far away, a day strived for but Missed, distant from us, fleeting. Freedom is not a tangible thing: It cannot be touched, nor held, nor
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