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                Dear future self,   My journey began, With a television show I didn’t really know much Such as to pitch a tent, eat outside, sleep outside But, as I grow older and wiser I’ve learned
Bullets pierce the LGBTQ community  daily.   We saw the life stealing bullets in Orlando, but we forgot the spirit breaking bullets in our words.   My parents taught me about their lives.
Remember that time i climbed the fence?
I do not care if the matter be dark or the tone grim.I care not if what is described be gore or sin.A well-turned phrase stirs attention deep within. I do not say this merely on a whim.
In an indefinable world Only able to transcribe Sensations and experiences Through words, sentences and phrases A translation, misread Lead to schematics Of life dynamics
There are lions in jungles that roar with pride. There are snakes in the grass, they're sly, they hide. There are sheep led by pastors, so fluffy and round. The wolves are just hungry, they wander around.
Living in amber Rigidly transfixed on them They, the elitists   They have no idea What He and the Devil Portend to reveal   Change consumerism
The Sky is blue,And full of poo,falling, spiralling, down,from white and brown-speckledcreatures They call seagulls. And the moral of this story is-Shit happens.
The still water ripples out Air rushes against my frigid face So still, the water, so calm. So unlike the flight symptoms of running; Pulsating through my veins. The story of my life.
If I can't close my eyes and imagine the endless metaphors  there is no need for these eyes of mine If I can't sway to the flows and effortless quotes that glide from mouths
"I would see you fail Before I'd let us both succeed," Thought one line of track To the other, As the train was derailed.
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