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Land of the free and the home of the brave? More like land of the thieves and home of the slaves! Taxation steals money all over the nation. We're working for the government on this corporate plantation.
I saw the farthest star from here and I knew that was real  I raised my hand and reached my finger tips up, out, and past this Earth  Until I was one with the rest of the universe Until I was bigger than the farthest star
it all began in parallel lines at the centre then a little calculations in the virtual median   proved the proofs during deviations and would be on constant calculations  
Look at me: You see an ordinay real person, A man of good wit and a little shy. Look within me:
You are not expendable
A smiling boy enjoying a hamburger with his father. Contented cattle, corn cud in their bovine mouths. Midwestern farmer sows yellow golden seeds, his tractor
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