' 'love'

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The relationship we had was not solely built on love, but I needed it. See, the tweets you posted were the first giveaway; It showed your spirit and the things you believed in up until today.
W-Whole: Two halves make a whole H-Happiness: Happiness is key to in any relationship A- Acceptance: Accept each other for who they truly are.
  Because I love you, we became best friends Because I love you, we laugh and have fun Because I love you, I became attached Because I love you, I follow you around like a dog
Because I love you, Your privacy is yours to keep Your friends and your mind too In sickness and in health I’ll stay and never make you weep  
“Because I love you”, You said, As if it were all that mattered.   Yet still , I struggled - Looking for more of a reason.  
You want me to go far, aim for where I cannot see To see me happy with who I am and the direction I am headed You understand what I contribute to this world while I cannot
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