What is REAL love?

W-Whole: Two halves make a whole

H-Happiness: Happiness is key to in any relationship

A- Acceptance: Accept each other for who they truly are.

T-Time: Needs to be attended to like you would a tiny sapling. Only by working together as a team can a "mighty oak" be formed.


I-Inspirational: Encourage each other. Encourage others to find their true love.

S-Solid: There should be a strong relationship between each other. Nothing should be able to tear you apart.


R-Realistic: There is no such thing as a perfect relationship. Not always walks on the beach and holding hands.

E-Equality: Each person expresses themselves and 

A- Action-Remind each other through actions, not words how much you love them. 

L-Limitless: Limitless, once you set your heart to is


L-Liberating: Make sure you feel comfortable and free with the one you love.

O-Obligated: Stay committed to each other

V-Vivacious: Make sure your relationship is full of life

E-Empathy: Value each other's feelings in order to make them feel valued and worthy. 

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