Lost Girl

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Im just a lost girl who wants to be found A girl who doesnt know how to ask  for help A girl who is afraid of being found Im just a lost girl trying to survive A girl wanting to find her freedom A girl who fights within herself to be  free Im just
  She wanders somewhere 'neath the tower. Moonlight on her mind.  Big Ben's face to keep the hour, Lost Girl seeks to find.   She lost it somewhere, she's grown sure, Around this part of town,
I look away, But the lost girl inside is telling me to speak up.   I mumble an answer But the lost girl inside is telling me to yell.   I walk with my head down,
I could have sworn I was there to stay, but time was slipping away like grains of sand. Now, from reality, I must get away! Please, someone, take me back to Neverland.  
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