'Long Distance'

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My Momma says don’t search for love but I’m always looking for you,  I collect the stars and weave them into a picnic blanket, They cover the sky like little tiny eyes,  
If I was going to write a poem about you, I would tell the whole world That you are so terrible at singing Your falsetto voice could shatter glass.
A feeling so brand new, But as I saw it in my rear view mirror, The image became crystal clear. The words that echo through my mind
It’s the worthwhile fight I trek through, Knowing that at the end I’ll be next to you. The longing wait, filled with sacred conversations, A lovingness with hints of preservation,
Distance has taken its toll on us we're not the same as before but we seem to make no fuss its as if we've walked out seperate doors with no record of the scores
Dear crush, Thank you for existing Thank you for being perfect and reminding me that I’m not.
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