Something To Lose

A feeling so brand new,

But as I saw it in my rear view mirror,

The image became crystal clear.

The words that echo through my mind

Are traced with a feeling of a new kind.

Some sort of confidence that has yet to fall

And a hope that is strengthened with every call.

This could have been a ruthless game

Or we could watch it burn up in flames.

But with every word he speaks,

The quicken heartbeat,

The inside jokes,

And the newly golden hope,

One cannot suspect a tragic end

Or the loss of a more than friend.

Something that feels more right

With every distant summer night

Could not be overlooked

Or possibly overbooked.

Something built on honesty,

I know that he chooses me

Without the facade I thought I’d need

Or the desperate cries and pleads.

When his understanding of me wasn’t lost in translation

And his interest didn’t slip after my cautionary hesitation,

When I realized I had no doubts

And I wasn’t searching for a way out,

I knew I suddenly had something to lose.


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