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No mustard bombs are droppedNo audible or silent shots are firedNo planes are necessarily blown or hiredNo flags are deliberately flown or flappedNo soldiers crossed the borders
You call me at twelve o'clock And I’m always here to listen I’m always there to give you comfort But now, I’m about to go missin Will you still know I care for you When I can’t call you back?
 Wake me up at twelve o'clock  I know you have reason to cry  But it left me in a shock  I hardly see this side of you  I thought it was under lock  Suppose it was all a ruse   Instantly I fully awoke 
tock continues to tick and takes this train hostage; loops, speeds, nearly tips the conductor hangs with one hand  Gripping the footplate for dear life, 
They say to "social distance" But that doesn't mean you have to stop socializing They say to stay at home But you can still videochat, you know Six million Americans unemployed More on the way
Shelter-in-place now I'm getting really bored now I just keep snacking
So Things Have STEPPED UP Now ... To What Clearly Amounts To A ... GLOBAL Lockdown ... !!! Cos We’re Facing A War ... UNLIKE ANY Before ... !!! But Who’s Really Sure What They’re Fighting For ... ???
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