The Third Wrong War: The Deadliest One To Fight

No mustard bombs are dropped
No audible or silent shots are fired
No planes are necessarily blown or hired
No flags are deliberately flown or flapped
No soldiers crossed the borders
To fight, to conquer, to kill or to die
No generals sent orders
To invade, to dismantle and to decry
However, citizens all over are coughing
Vomiting blood, suffering, and passing
COVID-19 is the deadliest war to fight
Thousands are dying and are now dead
The invisible enemies are toxic and bright
Millions are too weak to fight and are in bed
They are so sick that they want to give up
The ubiquitous enemies are wild and ferocious
Where are the superpowers that can shoot-up
And annihilate all perpetrators who are hazardous
To our health? The entire world is on lockdown
In quarantine, and at night, we're on curfew
All of us are anxious and scared. The poor clown
At the corner, is weeping. He was ditched by the crew
Who left him to die. This is a serious and deadly battle
The whole world is in danger. We're all in trouble
We cannot hide and we don't know where to run
The hospitals are filled up to the highest maximum
The corridors of the morgues are heavily crowded
With corpses and the cemeteries are mummed
It's like a quiet fiasco, a mournful silence is spread
Worldwide. No atomic bombs are dropped
People are dying. The prognosis is absolutely grim
The parishioners are praying. No priest is allowed to stop
To the churches or to the cemeteries. Hope is slim
We can only dream of better days. No shots are fired
But many people have lost their jobs. There's no economy
Health comes before wealth. This coronavirus is a mystery
This is a war that we shall unconventionally win. We're tired
Of being in quarantine. The walls become our new enemies
We're confused and nervous. We're under siege like zombies.

Copyright © April 2020, Hébert Logerie, All rights reserved.
Hébert Logerie is the author of several collections of poems.



This poem is about: 
My family
My community
My country
Our world


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