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Is it easier to know That the wrath in the eye of an angry lover Has been forged in that Which will forever be stronger than malice  That the smile on her face, 
I wish I were among the stars There is better than where we are I'd shine above the world below And sparkle when I wanted so Down here on solid ground there's hate Life comes with all this stress and weight
  The door slammed shut into my five year old face I was just a little girl and I was already in this place   I crawled into bed
I Love Guns:A Slam Poem
Nearly three months of joyful bliss,Are soon to be cut short and sorely missed,For tomorrow commences a new era in time,It marks the death of summertimeChildren no longer may bask in the sun,
The man proclaimed he was a genius: they scoffed and asked for proof. He looked them straight in both their eyes, said: "Sirs, the first from you."
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