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On Easter, a day thousands of years old, traditions have changed but the story’s retold.   From Eastern festivals to Christian new life, to bunnies and baskets and fields with eggs rife.
Image credit: This image was created with the assistance of DALL·E 3..An emperor spoke in poetic verseWhich lead to fame for him at firstBut after some time, it became a curseFor the emperor had no prose.
Image credit:   Bad Panda | by Balazs Solti..China charges 1 million annuallyFor each panda in our zoosIf we won't pay in full
M&Ms; and 7upHershey's barReese's Peanut Butter CupSnickers and a drink of Mountain DewThere are three flavors of Charleston ChewTwix; Twin BingSalted Nut Roll is kingI really could eat them after / with anything Breakfast, lunch, dinner and  
Do you know what the thing about belt buckles is? Oh, I know for sure, about that belt sellin’ biz.  You see, when they give you your buckle, For showin’ a steer, or for a first place homemakin’
You move to unzip the back of my dress- (the white one probably, tight and very couture which might be irrelevant, but adds to the overture) -but keep pulling the metal tab down the gray train tracks 
In front of your doorI paced,Stooped down and retiedMy shoelace,13- the numberThat was glazed,Rung your doorbell since your keysHad been replaced. Once the door opensIn a haste,And you'll stare at itIn amaze,With a motive ofA nutcase,I'll smash a
This is my book of poems;Poems I swore not to write.Somehow I couldn't help it,Temptation: too much a fight.
The burning The peeling The sores The toothaches The cuts The bleeding Sounds like my soul.   Loving someone for so long is taking a big bite of hot food. You burn yourself
There once was a boy named Paul He went to shop at the mall He went to a store And started a war And then he punched out a wall
There once was a boy named Sam And one day he went KA-BLAM He filed a claim The insurance was lame And he said this was part of a sham
There once was a girl named Pearl She made all the other boys twirl She went back inside  To curl up and hide And it threw those boys for a whirl
There once was a guy named Shawn He wanted to mow my lawn He started to cry  And said I would die  So I said he could start it at dawn
There once was a guy named Guy He liked to dream he could fly
There once was a lady and gown One morning she ran through the town She kept on the jog Right into a bog That mighty fast lady in brown.
Man, this is gross Do you ever wash your feet? I'm down here, keeping your toes warm And I'm repaid with A stench so horrid If I had a nose, it would curl All day, I have to spend time
These computers were made in the 60's,As for textbooks, I wish you would fix these,The covers are tattered and torn,And I think that spot's from where he sneezed.
More sun, less sun, most sun, no sun. Who cares how much sun shines BEHIND the clouds? Everything's still grey!
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