Hispanic heritage

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I know no warmth from days past It was the first to go Then next was my flesh and blood until all That's left is teeth and bone In this sweet earth
In the world of a cultural salad, I am not American nor Guatemalan I do not engage in my family's culture I do not speak perfect Spanish yet I learned it first I do not resemble that of my family 
In Heaven   Querida Abuelita There isn’t much time For me to sum up The events of my life  
Because I love you,  I'll act as a wave; gentle yet violent.  I'll take the place of your shelter; use me for cover.  I'll be your sword; stay behind me.    Porque te amo, 
Walking up to speak was a hazy blur all I could see were words.
Determination,  It's the driving force that lies deep within my soul.  There is only one goal, success. Two jobs and a full time student, overwhelmed with stress.
I know I might not have been born in a Hispanic Country,
Oh father, you bear your birthright like a cross. Clutching onto the Cuban luxury you know you deserve, Resenting the guise of a trip to Disney World As your only means of escape.
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