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I wish I could be like the other hares Running around the yard without a care,  but I can only sit here and surmize that feeling of running to get the prize.
Maybe if I were fast enough I'd finally outrun the tortoise.   I've studied closely: patience is key, patience is key; and yet, he just doesn't understand that speed is what I'm built for.  
Once upon a time, there existed a hare, who could win any race with his running flair. "I'll beat anyone, fair and square," the hare bragged to his fans without a care. As if on cue, a cheetah came along, confronting the hare and directing a menac
Time flies in a blink of an eye, so from this poem I want you to pick a side. The tortoise or the Hare? It may seem like an easy answer but an indepth look might change your mind.
The whispers chirped all through the air, The trotting deer, the hopping hare. They moved with swiftness that was so divine, But then nature settled into one dismal line.
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