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A green leaf fell and I stood up to catch it; My breath was caught instead.   The wind managed to blow breaths to push leaves beyond
Do you see me for who I am Or for who you want me to be Do you see the world as hell Or a deeper sense of heaven Do you see yourself as a tomato waiting to be cut Or do you see all of the people that you love
HandsThey are taken for grantedWe use them everydayAre they what keeps us so candid?HandsThey actually define us commonersThey can be rough, soft, dry, moist, cold, warm
You Only Write Once Scholarship Slam These hands carried my wife through the threshold on our wedding night and comforted my daughter whenever she had a bad dream.
Days fly by and nights linger coldly, And I stand watching through the window, As the sands of time slip through the hourglass slowly, And yet I am ever-still as I keep vigil over those below.
And to this day I will admit that all I ever wanted was to hold your hand For the thought of my fingers playing in your palm Sent shivers everywhere Postage stamps weren’t cheap
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