Can you see me?

Do you see me for who I am

Or for who you want me to be

Do you see the world as hell

Or a deeper sense of heaven

Do you see yourself as a tomato waiting to be cut

Or do you see all of the people that you love


Love is weird to you

You can't see it

You haven't felt it

You haven't tried it

Everything you do people say

Is in love (one way or another)

Independence is something you've lived on

Since you saw your father or mother go


Can you see me

The preson standing next to you

Trying to grab your hand

Tryying to hold your pain


Can you see the world

The place where you were put

Not knowing is you'd survive till 22

Giving you pain


Can you see love

The magnetism between you and me

You always look over and smile at me

Can't you see


Can't you see

Your love is in me

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