Food For Thought

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He who has not sipped of the wine from a glass, half-empty....shall never know the taste, of true experience! By: Tonya Carroll
Laughter and Tears. What is their purpose? You can cry when you laugh, And laugh when you cry. But how can you be upset when you're happy, And happy when you're upset?  
The older generatio
The insanity drives me gradually, Until I'm forced to wonder, What is the source of this? Could it truly be that, which I  A small, naive girl Affectionatly call love? Can that which
Eyes wide, skipping down the hallA book “How to Draw Dragons”Nestled in her arms.When she’s still her mouth hangs openThen closes, and opens again,Silently gasping for air like a fish out of water
I have always wondered if the tree eve took the apple from was really the tree of ignorance Perhaps disguised knowledge that leads us a place more disgusting than flatulance
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