Food for thought.


I have always wondered if the tree eve took the apple from was really the tree of ignorance

Perhaps disguised knowledge that leads us a place more disgusting than flatulance

In this location people assume they know you from a single glance

A place where who you are doesn't matter, only the logo on your pants

Living in this time you are never given a chance

Because you're surrounded by words that won't allow you to advance


Adults are scared of their children, the kids arent controlled

It's not shocking to hear that a 14 year old is on parole

Nor is it surprising to see then dance on poles

Or end their own life because of all of the darkness he holds

After he used his gun to put a bullet in his bully's skull


The words in the music program the young to party, drink, and do drugs

To cope from when their father's let go without one last hug

Turns any race to wanting to be a thug that can get any female pug


I see now that this place is modern society

I see that all of the different personalities lost their variety

Almost all teens are the same but I'm going to be what I got to be

And I hope this poem gave you the food that your thoughts need


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