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Eight: Extremities armed for the call of the wild; the hunter marches. Seven: Strings fanning into the damp corners of cardboard castles.
On the day my sibling chose the rope A woman came to the door  After dad cut him down  I listened to his chest There was no beat
 I love resolutions  But not just any kind  It’s not that I’m picky  But there’s one in particular  That induces beautiful heart palpitations  And the grooviest finger spasms    Don’t misunderstand  I’m not a masochist  Rather, I’d like to think o
Problems Modern questions Things for solving Some quandaries for unwinding Queries   Puzzles Of everything
High-five! Five o'clock news Five best friends Five... The fifth month The month that six best friends became... Five This is Kiersten's month-- Her life ended this month.
When I first found out, There was a monster under my bed, There wasn't a doubt, I was scared half to death. I tried counting sheep, And counting to ten. I was still losing sleep,
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