first generation

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Growing up education was of great importance I always had to have the best academic performance The most inspiring people I know  Always with me where I go My mom and dad didn't have the opportunities I had
To be the first, What a wonderful thought. To be the first in a family, Oh how much has been fought To achieve something my family has not.  
I. They tell me that I am so lucky to be Korean. My friends pour their hearts out over celebrities that I cannot relate to My parents tell me of traditions that I never took part in
Who I am Am I my long Spanish name? Or am I the tongues of those who cannot pronounce it? [Can't I just call you Maria?] Am I my full, curvaceous, petite body frame?
Embrace the new beginning, being a first generation college student is going to war with no training It is exciting yet sad
I’ll be the first of my family, to get a degree. While my parents are hard-working, it’ll be different for me.   Finishing high school
I yell at you day after day, begging you to take this pain away. I ask you why you have allowed such things to happen to me but all I get in reply is an empty silence and my own sigh. I have been good I say, so why do this to me?
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