fatal attraction

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He spots Her; She notices. He's so fucking hot! She's so damn fine! They meet, they flirt, they hit it off. The pups develop "feelings" for eachother. They hook up, date and fuck.
although you are like a brother, i would prefer you be a lover. but we can not always get what we want
ask me a yes or no question and I'll give you a one word response but let her ask me a yes or no question and I'll give her a speech if it's what she really wants ask me for a favor and I'll help you out if I can
The curtains fall, their breaths' are hushed She enters the stage, cheeks a'flushed   She's captured the moment, they are rapt attent On the edge of their seats, even Lord Gent  
As his fingers traced my skin a chill moved over me Unlike a feeling I had ever felt before My chest burnt My lungs ached My heart skipped He had bewitched me He had seduced me
What if I told you that you were my fatal attraction Faithfully and ever so patiently awaiting for the sensations of your vibration against my skin Upon your arrival I’ve prepared to sin
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