Fatal Attraction

Mon, 11/04/2013 - 10:49 -- telvi1

What if I told you that you were my fatal attraction 
Faithfully and ever so patiently awaiting for the sensations of your vibration against my skin 
Upon your arrival I’ve prepared to sin
I am prepared to satisfy my infatuation with where your love begins 
Your body send hints that my body can sense and the scent of your body is just too hard to resist
I insist that we coexist as one for that I cannot resist your existence
My attractions relentless in relation to your presentation I yearn for every inch of body and soul
Ignoring every concern that I’ve ever been told
Because I want you I want you more than anything else 
Even more than anything I’ve ever wanted for myself
My wealth is measure in you and I’s
I’d give anything to take another look into your eyes
And to grab a hold to your thighs
You see, I am not afraid nor am I ashamed
You may be my fatal attraction but I believe the attraction is real
Like the feelings that I feel. 
I still think about you
No one is right about you 
It only matters about the way I feel about you 
And all the things I can see in you
I only want to be with you 
To live and to eat with you
To lay with you and to pray with you
To spend everyday with you
If that’s Ok with you.


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