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I’m from blue scrubs and big black boots, locks of wheat, and dark sunglasses. From the roaring of jets and shouting of commands, scars of white in the sky, and the reveille.
You think you know me You believe I’m like you Well you couldn’t be more wrong About the subtext of my psychology
Take a look around, tell me what you see - 
A twisted family portrait this has become Weeds winding around my neck The very ones I planted Be cautious of what seeds you drop Within your spirit   But I'm surrounded every day
Students slump into the dull, gray roomLooking around, they see nothing but gloomIn the stone seats that they sit inUncomfortable and bareThey're expected to be uprightPay attentionAnd stare.
The African Americans of this millenniumlove to speak of the thins that are real and true to themof the violence in the streetsand the jobs they must compete for
Martin Luther King jr. fought for the termination of segregation. In every establishment and in every foundation He fought for equalization in every location And fought without violence, just communication
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