A Disgrace


The African Americans of this millennium
love to speak of the thins that are real and true to them
of the violence in the streets
and the jobs they must compete for
of the life they are living that has become some what of a chore
America is against them
and Africa is beneath them
I call it a disgrace
for the violence in the streets is
controlled, operated and maintained by them
you see we cry to America to give us something
and then we rap our songs "you can't tell me nothing"
see we pride ourselves on deception, lies and thievery
then cry out about the income funds we aren't receiving
and to our African Americans who are doing well financially
preach to our government about supplying out needs
but when asked for a dollar by our beggars on the street
turn your head and with speed refuse to meet their needs
and to our mothers who cry out about the education their kids should have
are not home with them at night to help with reading, and math
are not saving any money for the college education they could have.
but i do have to acknowledge our teachers or should we even call them that
now that when they are presented with a question
they look to a book for a answer
so you tell me who's the real teacher
the book or the creature
I call it a disgrace
our entertainers are blamed for the crime sex and drugs shown on TV
and versed in songs we accuse them of polluting our children's mind
and all that is wrong
when the inevitable truth that we try to prolong is that if it is wrong
don't buy them the song
as their parents you control what they hear and see
so instead of harassing entertainers on what they're paid to do
step in front of the mirror so the blame can fall on you
I call it a disgrace
we as a people must asses ourselves and be wary of all the lies we tell
all the problems we face and things we go through
they all have a source
and often times it is you
I call it a disgrace


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