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The least racist person is a racistThe least fascist person is a fascistThe least criminal is a murdererThe least sinner is a big sinner.
These days when one googles: bigotry; One face shows up, not by hypocrisy, Not by accident. This is a darn travesty.The leader of such a wonderful countryShould not be carrying this ugly baggageOf bigotry, racism, and hate.
  I shall gather a few of my kindand tour the new era penitentiary,Where millions are breathing in an open cage wondering what happened to open skies.
Hitlers, fascists, anti-Semites, andIslamophobesPaid visitors grazing wazwanon the Dal Elegant Shikaras drifting slowon affectionate watersXenophobes gossiping, loathing‘others’ on the Dal
Saviour spoke Those incarcerated, Under siege Locked in and Excommunicated Those who need watching Who don’t know how to live Shall be bestowed, With a magical hug To cure them of
Demigods Demagogues Shamelessly Proudly Praying or preying, Crowds high on disdain But, Did they know? The clock, Is no one’s friend. When they come for you,
PRESENTING: "Technological Habits." Paid in part by the subliminal masses.   (OFF MIC) "We could start by listing all the reasons why we can't have this. For instance, Class.
Fuck fascist fascicles, forcing fanatic feuds frantically forward, frigidly forgetting folks fundamental freedoms.   Fuck financial foremen, finalising families futures for furthering faraway faceless fortunes.
As the day passes I see the colors Of my body changes .Saffron throat ,Orange hands ,Green legs ,Grey hands ..
Drumpf is like Mussolini,  
Roses are red and I am not a poet and I am not an artist and I’m not the glue that sticks to your shoes andYou should choose your friends more carefully and
i am disenchanted i don’t care about your world of illusions with its love that isn’t; it’s just romantic
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