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The smell of coffee conquered the dark wooded room I could hear the faint patterns of rain running down the worn cabin We both walked on gelid floor waiting for the waking sun
Dear one, what did you say? A dining hall, a distant day, It seems it was time For goodbye, Speaking of my eyes, ‘They shine so bright’, Words said (or words of this kind),  
I don't want to leave you I don't want you to never see me again I know what to do Color in the lines Darken the edges Don't let me fade away
call me out of the shadows i call home call me out of this place that stripped me to the bone call me out of the burning fire of life call me away from the blade of a knife
"Find yourself         Your not from here  Your fatal flaw                Your fatal fear  Find you friend             Keep them near  Into the depths  Over the edge you peer 
"Small dreams fade fast But that's okay 'Cause it was never meant To go that way Even those who smile  Got one foot in the grave But you couldn't see That the happiness was fake But still
"I am so different now I never wanted to stand out I wanted to fade into the crowd But my thoughts were just too loud A whisper to a shout The words come pouring out."
Ladies back off I'm the bad guy whom you will get cough when you say hi ladies I'm careless and ruthless, in a relationship I'm just useless .  
I was pushed out of my mother’s womb, In a mannerly way, I won’t wear my trouser under my butts, I’m made of pure black.   This rare confutation, Takes me beyond space,
When love fades White clouds will turn grey Storms will come All promises will go away   Goodbye, goodbye Farewell heart Hey common sense
This is oblivion  Such is a state of limbo May one hope to leave
I crave 'goodbye' a word I never heard, only felt. somehow I think the sound of it would have brought a peace rather than the histrionics of the fade out. I crave the clear cut
at the end of every today that passes i lay able to rest because i know that it means i am yet another day closer another day closer to my tomorrow
I place the key in the ignition,I put the car in driveand press the gas pedalbut I go no where. I open my mouth,and move my lips,I push air out
I want to run away to some place beautiful Where the birds are singing And the trees are dancing. I want to run away to some place quiet Where the savage thoughts of my mind run silent
The faces fade to ash Photographs discolored to the sickly yellow Of rotting buttercups and stagnant sunlight Captured in dust-coated rooms   Disintegrating into something less than nothing
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