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Ya Know I'm The... EXCEPTION ... To A LOT of Rules... !!!!! Like The... MISCONCEPTION... That Blacks Are BAD DUDES... !!!
Inspired 2 write after have read, want food to be feed but mislead. Registered for sKolarship contest,  but now i Know. Last minute rule detail: I am sadly 2 old.
I've apologized when I wasn't wrong. For too much of my life All to make a situation stable. I'm not going to be like That person anymore. Sailu Bharya
I finally realized to open my eyes just to find myself blinded by the minds of the stereotypical I never dreamed of a scheme such that I would believe to achieve
I’m not an exceptionTo the ruleYet, I try so hardI’m like one grain in the sandA particle in the skyI’m nothing but a spectacleYet, I try so hard
Caring eyes Gentle face Indistinguishable of any race Always trying Always prying for the truth Confidant and lover Wonderful and serene We obsess together about all that is green
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