Devilicious Remedy

Fri, 09/06/2013 - 05:22 -- tkvang


I finally realized to open my eyes

just to find myself blinded by the minds of the stereotypical

I never dreamed of a scheme

such that I would believe to achieve

success, progress.

Nevertheless, I was always repressed

by the ethnic trace of my own race.


You see...

Coming from Hmong

my limits were set below, criteria underrated,

expectancy was minimal,

standards not to exceed was impeded on me

like a prisoner burdened by the psychological blow

of another hell hole.

So was it wrong for me to say

the Hmong men's ideology with no cure of a remedy,

was simple and vague,

in which the young Hmong males

lined up to fall right into the hands

of the devil in disguise.

The stereotype...


So please tell me why, why

why must the conclusive decisions

of these once talented young individuals

lead to the immoral acts of

picking and sticking where his dick belongs.

I never felt empowered

or never felt the need to please

by lowering the values of another innocent young Hmong women

to listen to my driven engine in between her legs.

Suddenly, repeatedly,

the men of my generations are left in desperations

to struggle with the societal roles

in which it appeared they had no goals.


Because at the age of 13,14,15,16, and 17 if he was lucky

he confined himself to the fatherly role

wife and children in arms

he suddenly became alarmed by the everyday struggles

piecing together the puzzles

without a GED

he's guaranteed to agree with the $8 per hour.


And I would know, after going through the whole life

as an underrated hmong male

watching our fathers, brothers dripped in sweat

paid minimal, local company,

supporting 10 kids, to do what is ethically right,

to put food on the table, clothes on his helpless kid's backs,

through nothing else, but painstaking hard labor.


But the predicaments of my envisions

was to be the exception to the rest,

as I invest on a quest to discover the qualities I possessed,

I found the application of education,

instead of the doses of drugs and loaded alcohol,

I'm standing here spittin poetry and rockin the mic.


You see, the inheritance of my intelligence

led me to conceive on the ideal belief that I will achieve,

that I'll lead and not follow,

that I'll be recognized and not frowned upon,

in which I will set a chain of examples

to create an uphill trend for the young.

Because goal oriented, my priorities are set straight

and at this rate, I wouldn't hesitate with these beautiful traits

to say that I'm bound to be great.


So maybe, just maybe

there might be a remedy in which

the key to succeed

is for me to beg you please on my knees

for the young hmong men to be the fountain pen

of fluidity, stupidity lacks confidence

and that dominance is evident

for the influence in making a difference.


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