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Forever crow another one Chips and chirps of unseen ones The voices I once heard begin to fade As the voices die down Mother nature begins to speak Her whispering soul flows through the trees
Time heals but kills everything too.
You can't go to war with nature. Even though man can destroy it and remold it and shape it into something profitable - mechanical - civil. It will win you over again.
Roses are red, violets are blue, The world should be seen from an eviormentalists veiw. To change the world step by step would truely put a human  to its test. 
What if the world ran on energy That was sent from the sun people could do so many activites that you could not count the fun    renewable energy doesnt go away there's so much to use
Look around, what do you see? Is it blurry or is it just me? I rub my eyes to make the fog go away. But I end up smearing my make-up for the day. It is not hard to see the cause of this,
Grass, Once brown and lifeless, turned green and fresh. Teachers, Once solemn and dull, turned exciting and bright. Academics, Once boring and monotone, turned active and hands on.
The small rock in all of its god- given glory sits dull! The grass brown and boring is still as it moves not at all! The plants, how slowly they sway! The Earth, how at ease it remains as this sorrowful, plant- infested land!
If you hear the word “radium,” do you think of Marie Curie, Of the thousands she saved by radiation therapy, Of a woman who died for the love – in the name – of science,
You don't know it yet but you are an infection. A stain stung so deep into this earth's rich soil,
Dark, my limbs struggle through There is nothing to prove That the emptiness around me Isn't empty Where does it end? Where do I begin?
All that I reported was a little bit distorted, We had known about the plants and we had seen how they consorted, But unlike many other plans theirs was not aborted,
Forced to think about resources What really matters today Many obstacles man created Life never got in his way.
This world is ours ours to love but yet we have cars that is not love with smog all around and trees burning down yet no ones makes a sound no one even has a frown the world is dying
The tree's scent was fresh Frogs camouflaged the green grass The river's cold splash Canon's air was dry Solid rock of orange surface Paths of river flow
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