Nature's War


You can't go to war with nature.

Even though man can destroy it and remold it and shape it

into something profitable - mechanical - civil.

It will win you over again.

Settlers moving on, nature regained the land once more.

Loggers using every tree and yet the land will still supplement.

You cannot lie to nature, unless it is human which will deceive you

for the success of itself with no thought of others while real

nature always looks out for one another.

This circle of life does not impose itself

on its subjects but is rooted in its dogma for equal

life and death of all who inhabit the walls.

While in the real world, life and death is not equal

The only winner is the highest bidder

the one with the most paper,

paper made from those logged trees.

Lost lives over pathetic disputes for land and money,

Land is nature, money is paper.

You cannot own the land.

You cannot go to war with nature.




I wrote this for my grandmother whose love of nature has passed through so many generations.

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