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Your eyes are like the stars that form patterns. A galaxy so different from my own. I know the kids left you in shatters. You are still my glittering, bright way home. This wedding may seem like a hassle.
One more step, and I’ll fall Down Down Down   I’m just on the end of the precipice. About to go over.
Joy of life, Joy of living, Joy of seeing tomorrow. Joy of running, Joy of jumping, Joy of having freedom. Joy of pizza,
Live your life how you wish, Don’t waste a single moment. Tomorrow may very well be your last, So live life to the fullest.  
The way that words flow over lips, The questions the wind asks as he quips, "How is it true that you believe It's only by nature I was conceived?"   Eyes set deep in brilliant faces,
Dear Mrs. D, it should be plain to see I simply cannot believe the crazy things you're doing to me I'm pulling my hair, I'm racking my brain, but every little thing you do is simply driving me insane.  
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