Dear Mrs. D


Dear Mrs. D, it should be plain to see

I simply cannot believe the crazy things you're doing to me

I'm pulling my hair, I'm racking my brain,

but every little thing you do is simply driving me insane.


Disney music as we walk in? What are we, five?

The same damn songs every day, am I dead or am I live? 

"It's a small world after all", and my patience with this is even smaller

I'll go mad like an ape, like King Kong up a tower even taller. 


And why do you make us do these monotonous lessons, 

teaching us the same things we've known since our 4th grade reading sessions. 

Basic shit you teach us, like conjugations of verbs. 

Do you take us for a bunch of non-English speaking Serbs? 


But lastly what I hate most is that you barely even passed me, 

My essays were the very best, at least as far as I could see

but the biggest thing I ever learned, from that infernal class of yours

was that until cease to be, I'll never like you, Mrs. D




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