'depression' 'Pain' 'sadness' 'despair'

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Dear sadness, I don't hate you, Even though all too often you make me feel alone, I know you don't mean it, I know those skeletal claw marks you leave on my body aren't meant to hurt me,
Growing up is not a thrill There are feelings you must hide There are truths you must face There is disappointment you must deal with  You learn the world is not as rosy as you thought
Yesterday, At the back alley bar, Just a little passed downtown Joliet, Hanna has a drink while we talk. My hands lie awkwardly in my lap
People are cameras with infinite memory  I wish I could delete half of mine I've seen too much and said way to little And sometimes I wish I had remembered to turn off the screen I should have hit pause
with eager eyes and a hopeful heart i look up to you, seeing only but the man of my dreams. the sun would come from behind your head, giving you a halo that could have only been worn by you, my love.
The truth behind Beauty and the Beast By Alex Dix  
TICK.   TICK.   Time is running out. tick. nobody is around.   tick. Someone is coming. I must hurry
The words, that flow from, my lips, are my nightmares, that wakes me up in darkness and wishes for a little light of love, yet the only   thing that holds me close   is just my shadow, but I'm still alone, my heart has froze and shattered into pie
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