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Give me love, or give me time. Give me a song yet sung Let my heart feel your the one. Dont shatter my earrnings into pieces. I am not your piggy bank. Don't let what I offer go to waste
Dear You Know Who You Are,   I was little, Too weak for my own good. You made sure I knew it too. I was a flower, Frostbitten by a cold world. You crumbled my fragility
I found a snowfall kind of boy One who just silences the world,  when he comes around.   It takes a delicate touch to keep a snowflake   I cannot say That  have such a touch
delicate torn fragile palm then clasped tight then clasped not   the valley the rapids the current ravaging and fierce   the plain steady firm
Crystal rose, You reflect light so beautifully, But how does it feel to have petals of stone and not of felt? To hold no fragrance, To not sway melodically in the winds’ breeze, To only be a sturdy copy?
Your delicate touch...It sends me through the skies.Though I may collapse,You are my cure. Cure me, O thy love, Of thy pains and sufferings...Cure me...Your hatred drags me down.
  I never thought I’d be here now But I always knew  I’d find you somehow Still, the cease of the smile on my face Brings me to believe That I’m still not in the right place/
I watched my motherfrom under water. Therewas a perfume risingoff the morning sea.She sang slow andbreathed it all in. She watched my heartslowly softening.
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