death of a parent

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Yes, I'm familiar with Kubler- Ross the stages of grief, but no amount of intellectualizing can deaden the pain and knowing the inevitable won't act as morphine- for us, the survivors
I didn’t know If I did I would have brought some glue To fix the place Where you slipped through time The tear in the air that separates
Dear Dad,   You were once there to hold me and call me your princes. You were there to pick me up and show me the colorful world. You were there to hug me tight.
I don’t understand how the story begins. Or maybe it doesn’t ‘begin’ maybe we pick up somewhere in the middle. Today, or maybe it was yesterday I realized that my life is almost over. However, I have yet to start living.
There are 365 days in every year, Each of those days holds 24 hours, And each hour owns 60 minutes, where there's 60 seconds per minute.   Lives can change in a matter of seconds, but in the span of an entire year,
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