Dear Daughter

I don’t understand how the story begins.

Or maybe it doesn’t ‘begin’ maybe we pick up somewhere in the middle.

Today, or maybe it was yesterday I realized that my life is almost over.

However, I have yet to start living.

It seems like just yesterday; my baby was born.

And yet, as I stand here, I watch her walk across the stage.

How did this happen?

How did we go from the beginning of my life…

And end up somewhere near the end.


We lay together on the cold bed,

Watching bad TV ignoring the evidence around us.

The end is here.

Where did my life go?

Was I happy once?

I lay here with you my darling, trying to keep the cold at bay.

Yet; I feel it in my soul.


I see you there, crying over me.

Don’t do that my darling, live your life.

I gave my life away without ever truly living.

If you learned anything from me, live your life.

Don’t be like me.




This poem is about: 
My family


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