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My heels meet the floor- rhythmic. Click-click-click Indiscernible through the waves of sound. Hands grab at me in the dark; Masking my fear, I dance.
All of my dance life people told me how I would never make itHow i'm not good enoughHow I don't have a dancer body How i'm not graceful enough
You are so graceful, elegant Even sometimes sudden and firm Steps are delicate, yet sharp The movements are very versatile   Flexibility, precision, and control
Forever endowed by thyself,
the ladies of the foam prepare for the dance their legs kicking higher as they stretch to the sky the ladies of the foam start the opening number slowly
  Her pastel blue dress flowing like a river, cascading down her legs. The moon light, casting an iridescent glow  on her already tanned skin. His suit, black like the night sky above
My heart's in the theatre, where all my dreams were made My heart's in the theatre, where those same dreams were laid, to rest, until I came back and found them once again,
I love to dance. Smooth, languid, ignoring the lines and boundaries. I can dance my way into your heart with one flick of my finger, my tiny dancers. And make you despise me with one more.
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