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Do you ever Stop To think of the characteristics In a red rose flower?   Beautiful Palette of reds Silk Petals Positive phototaxis To the wondrous scent.  
The air licks the iron Of soft crimson cotton.   The red that you bleed gushes With an ache of thunder rolling through your veins.  
The sweetest kiss of twilightA crimson rose or threeLost in the moment loveA moment with out theeIs no moment at all The tender kiss of yours dearA crimson rose or twoLost in the moment love
If you should walk at night when The Moon wears her charcoal mask Hide under lamplight or you shall be Snatched away by the Crimson Flabbergast   A wraith forged of screaming shadows
When I think of orientation I dont immediately think education when we think of excitement Camp crimson is synonymous we are sooner born sooner bred
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