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The boy was corrupting her like a leech stuck to her skin But she didn’t know any better so she stuck by him She started changing slowly, didn’t even notice
Drunk on old fashions, the wind takes a breath And exhales all his anger through golden Red leaves, falling to her pathetic wreath; Hands bleached like old Bluebeard's, he's stuck within  
I am entering her body. I am quite full of myself. She doesn't hesitate to let me in. She welcomes me. She always does. Every second we spend osculating, constantly coupling in the summer heat,
I thought about what it would be like Without you. I thought about how that would change me For flowers bloom and trees root With the beckoning of spring, And the chills of winter
If I had it my way… I would pass back over the infinite abyss of rocky, tortuous paths Of Failed Attempts to Save Your Wretched, Reckless Soul And frantically collect the pieces of me I've lost along the way,
I look out the window at the quiet absence, In the stillness of a dull summer night, I smell the chlorine in my hair as I bite its frail ends. Its sunny color washed out by the moonlight,
He didn’t understand That I was waiting for him, Waiting for him to come back, And I didn’t understand That he was already gone. He was in some far away place Out of my sight, But not out of my mind.
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