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In Dying Her body sank into the depths and embraced the sun.  
And like that she became wet. Undressing before she bathed in the storm. Umbrella left home, by the door. She wanted to be cleansed. Clothes thrown to the side. Where's the fun in being dry.
  1.1 I posted my first song about you It used to be celebratory Now it's inflammatory It shouldn't be I saw midnight from the comfort of my sheets I should have been in your arms
Yeah… the story begins inside of a black hole. The exit is clear but you can’t seem let go. You feel rooted down to the bottom of the pit, There’s nothing here, so why haven’t you let go?
Rain falls from above Cleansing all impurities Washing fears away
Singing the melody of a song
Heavy hearts filled with heavy stones, We try to walk tall against the pain, Thrashing in thick mud as we tread along, the fog is smug and unforgiving, clouding our vision.
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