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There's just too much of the world in a dayTo simply abandon for a broken sleepThe rain is tempting and absurdHushing and freezingLike the woman all the lonely things yearn for and never haveThe darkness, the other mistress;My bed's a pit of pleas
What have I done? I'm wide awake.   Sleep used to visit at nine and stay until morning light. But now, Sleep only visits in catnaps and quick winks.   It's three am--
A long time ago, a wise sorcerer once told me that every night, from then on, I will soundlessly fall asleep and have a peacefully lucid dream of a far better world.  
You follow me everywhere,
Psychologically exhausted yet physically wired by an inner voice louder than the need of sleep itself.
Walls whisper as tears hit soaked pillows, a loud voice from deep inside screams as hearts are racing.
  A white hair tie bound around each wrist The residue of charcoal mascara smeared onto her fingers She will watch the night turn grey and blue against her windowpane
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