My Shadow


You follow me everywhere,

Never leaving me.
Even when the darkest of nights consumes you,
I know you still remain.
You know all my deepest secrets,
All my darkest fears.
You do not age with me,
but when I am gone, you will follow me as my prisoner.
As my bones sink into the loose, brown dirt,
the endless abyss, as we part from our world, 
you will disappear within the existence, along my side.
I see you not at this time,
but you remain
as but a cast of my sleeping body.
lying still, ever still.
Guarding my soul from the deep embers of darkness.
Awaiting the wretched cries of the demons
unto which shall take my sleeping body from this stale creation. 
You watch me and mimic my movements exactly.
As a harmonious and simple task,
You will never leave my side.
My existence only exists when you are around.
My movements flow abound.
Like an intricate and, at the same time, simple dance of harmony.
You stretch as the day grows longer, and dim as the sun grows brighter.
You will never leave my side until the darkest day comes.
When my existence shall no longer have a future, 
only a past.
When my ideas of creation cease to have a present.
You will live on through my legacy as I do.
As harmony within me. 


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