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I saw a black bird today  I noticed its beauty  The grace it held, when it flew away  Don't know where it went but I know it was doing its duty  I saw that same black bird again 
us black women, like samples at a grocery store set out to be picked over but is  never fully paid for .
Because a Queen is not a Queen without her King. A woe-man is nothing without man woe - suffering
My skin so caramel brown And body nicely round Curves here and there But nobody seems to care I live in a certain air Burn with a body and soul That no one can control I am my own human being
Sistah Sistah! You better hold that head up high and never let that chin face the ground Don't give your enemies the satisfaction of seeing you down Sistah Sistah!
  My sister, Mother, grandmother, aunt, my friends We are all one The dark roots we come from Look deep inside you
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